In each large market there are very competent millwork companies that can respond to various custom requirements in an efficient and cost competitive way. For certain requirements the local millwork company may be the best choice. However, a CCN bespoke solution provides an added level of performance by offering proven responses to more complex problems. For over 40 years we have developed an approach that reduces the risk involved with purchasing a custom product by showing CCN solutions as product design platforms. We have developed these platforms with our design and engineering team to ensure that all the details have been worked out. We have a photo library to illustrate to the end user how those details look and work. Basic examples, such as a wide range of wood specie, finishes and hardware options are all part of that experience that we offer. We have a strong vocabulary and experience to sort through many of the more complex requirements you may have, such as power and data distribution or special hardware-needs such as adjustable height work surfaces. Installations around the country demonstrate confidence that CCN will deliver the highest level of bespoke wood solutions.