From its inception, CCN has focused on the needs of the specifying community and is continually committed to protecting our environment. Providing environmentally sound products is a part of this commitment. Solid woods and veneers are sourced from sustained forest management areas.

Accountability for the origin of raw materials allows CCN to supply environmentally sound products, and have comfort with business partners that have sound environmental practices. Product life cycle is also an important factor when purchasing furniture and its impact on our environment. CCN builds product to last. Quality materials and durable construction play an important part in life cycle value and therefore in the preservation of natural resources.

During construction, adhesives free of volatile organic compounds are used to protect office environments from toxins. The use of water-based finishes has become reliable and offers an environmentally safe alternative. Combining the use of renewable resources with sound manufacturing practices promotes environmentally friendly standards for many years to come.

CCN is also able to offer sustainable and/or certified core material, veneers and solid wood upon request.  Specifiers should indicate whether certified material is a requirement so that projects and products are quoted and supplied with appropriate materials.

CCN is in Compliance for Additional LEED Credits:

LEED v2009

  • Materials & Resources 5.1 & 5.2
    Regional Materials depending on the project location relative to Geneva, NY.
  • Materials & Resources 4.1 & 4.2
    Recycled content (our core materials consist of 100% pre-consumer recycled wood) No upcharge.


  • Materials & Resources