CCN International orders will be billed freight collect, third party, or prepaid and added to the invoice. Shipments will be made ‘best way’ unless a carrier has been specified by the purchaser. Large Items such as reception desks must be shipped F.O.B factory. Customer bears risk of loss or damage during shipment. We will make every attempt to ship orders complete and on schedule; however CCN reserves the right to make partial shipments. If a customer requests postponement of delivery after production has begun, CCN reserves the right to transfer furniture to storage at the customer’s own risk and expense or assess storage charges for furniture stored at CCN if space is available. Such transfer or storage shall be deemed delivery to customer for all applicable invoicing and payment. Specific delivery dates and times cannot be guaranteed. However, CCN recognizes the importance of coordinating delivery and installation and will forward requests to the trucking company. Under no circumstances will CCN or the trucking company be held responsible for any costs incurred due to late delivery.

Freight Damage and Claims
CCN is not liable for damage to furniture during transit or storage. Each shipment is packed by expert packers and responsibility for loss or damage lies with the carrier. Acceptance of the shipment from CCN acknowledges that all articles were packed properly and delivered in excellent condition. If concealed damage is discovered after unpacking merchandise, notify CCN immediately. Do not destroy packing materials until the shipment has been inspected. CCN suggests  the words ‘subject to inspection’ accompanying the signature if the furniture cannot be examined at the time of receipt. Please do not refuse any shipment, since by doing so you abandon all rights to the shipment. In all cases, the burden of proof for liability rests with the claimant. Good receiving practices and proper inspection of goods at the time of receipt will help ensure all bona fide claims are collected from the transportation company.

CCN International warrants it’s furniture to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of ten years from the date of shipment. During this warranty period, CCN International’s obligation is limited only to the repair, or at it’s discretion, the replacement of such furniture which, upon return to the factory or upon examination, proves to be defective. Any damages incurred during transit or damages incurred by customer are not applicable under this warranty. CCN International makes no other warranty, either expressed or implied, including without limitation the product’s condition it’s merchantability, or it’s fitness for any particular use or purpose.