Certain precautions will preserve the beauty of your new wood furniture.

High or low humidity extremes can cause warping , cupping, veneer checking, and joint separation. CCN is not responsible for the humidity controlled care of the item once it leaves the factory.

CCN utilizes a range of state-of-the-art finishes on the furniture we produce. These finishes have been selected for their durability as well as to best enhance the fine quality veneers we employ in the construction of our furniture.

Wet objects should be placed on coasters and writing should be done on a desk pad. Sharp metal objects such as keys, spring binders and briefcases with hinges should be kept from direct contact with the furniture. Bottoms of decorative items, such as flower vases and desk accessories should also be protected against. Contact between certain plastic compounds may result in discoloration and finish damage. CCN recommends the use of felt pads under plastic telephones, printers or any other plastic work tools that are to be set on furniture surfaces to protect the finish.

Dust build-up may scratch or dull the surface if it is not removed correctly. Simply wipe the surface with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent and dry on a soft towel. Avoid the use of ammonia based products, polish containing wax or silicone oils as they may cause damage over a long period of time. The finish is durable and resistant to most ordinary spills. However, spills should be wiped up promptly to avoid potential problems. Fingerprints, smoking residue, etc., accumulates on any finished surface. None of these contaminants will harm our finish, but they should be periodically removed to restore finish to its original luster. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution. When doing so, it is best to always wipe in the same direction as the grain of the wood.

All wood is photosensitive and changes color over time. This natural change depends on the initial color of the wood and is especially apparent with lighter finishes. Some woods may change dramatically with exposure to direct sunlight. When ordering additional pieces for an existing installation, it is advisable to submit a finish sample with your order.


At this point in time an anti-viral component is not available to enhance wood finishes such as those that CCN utilizes.

Clorox brand disinfecting wipes may be used on surfaces per instructions on the container label. Surfaces should be air dried and not be permitted to remain wet for more than fifteen seconds. Longer “wet” times can have a negative impact on the integrity &/or appearance of the finish.

To preserve the integrity of wood finishes, avoid the use of disinfecting products containing bleach.

In general, chemical cleaners of any type should not be used on any CCN finishes before the end of an initial 30-day period. Always spot test any cleaning product in an inconspicuous area (a knee space is a good example) prior to use in more prominent or high visibility areas.